Breakfast and Brunch Catering

at The Mill of Chattanooga

Below is a sample selection of breakfast and brunch ideas perfect for any catering Chattanooga!  We can mix and match any and all items to create a breakfast and/or brunch menu that works for your event, budget, and tastes!  We can add carving stations, breakfast hors d’oeuvres, fun waffle, pancake, grits, or hash-brown stations with lots of fun toppings, custom chef run omelet stations with creative accompaniments, and anything else your event needs including incredible petite desserts perfect for an after brunch need for a sweet!  We also handle all of the rentals at our venue so when you arrive everything is set up according to the way you wanted and you have to do nothing except arrive and enjoy the event or focus on your business!

All of our venue rentals with food and beverage include professional set up, staff, service, and clean up.  We want to do the work for you so you can focus on what is important to you and your business.  Do you need breakfast or brunch catered in the office? Visit the website of A Silverware Affair for offsite catering.

They can assist you with setting up a great spread to impress your clients or employees in the office or on location where ever you choose.  Of course, we welcome you to come to The Mill but we understand that different events call for different things and want you to know that with all The Mill has to offer, you can create a lasting business relationship with us that can help you in all of your future meeting and catering needs anywhere in Chattanooga.  Call or email to speak with our staff to get started finalizing your plans for the best catering Chattanooga!

Breakfast & Brunch Catering Menu – Printable Version

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